Silicon Valley Tourism – CES happened and no one came to visit us

2020 has been many things; in the mobility space we might remember 2020 as the year when electric vehicles reached the inflection point.

CES 2021 happened and no one came to visit Silicon Valley afterwards. But now that that was not possible, Silicon Valley comes to you. Had you come here, we would have had a great discussion on current topics around mobility, ranging from technology to business to politics. We would have talked about Mercedes’ Hyperscreen, trends in LiDAR, the ongoing frenzy of SPAC mergers, and the hopes one can have into the new administration in Washington.

In all of that we might have discussed questions around the health of the Valley, in particular as quite a few of our favorite meeting places have closed their doors for good. Certainly things are changing in Silicon Valley, similar to other places in the world, and I am sure this place will reinvent itself again.

Those topics and more are covered in this Chart of the Month from Silicon Valley Mobility, which hopefully remedies a bit the situation that you could not come to visit us this year after CES. Take a look and let me know what might be missing!

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