The Software Defined Car | Silicon Valley Engineering Notes (SVEN) 12/2021

The Software Defined Car | Silicon Valley Engineering Notes (SVEN) 12/2021

The perfection of hardware, software, and smartness

Some often-made statements say that mechanical hardware engineering does not matter much anymore in automobiles as those will be defined by software. But is it really as simple as that?

Well, I don’t want to rescue a dinosaur, but to put things right, it requires an integration of soft- AND hardware to figure out future mobility with autonomous, electric, and smart vehicles. Software arguably is at the beginning of a chain of commands to control a vehicle, but ultimately things get in motion through hardware.

This is reflected in the activity related to in-wheel motors or corner modules that keep an automobiles hardware basic but smart. One needs to be aware that tires, weight distribution, suspension, aerodynamics matter a lot and determine where and how a vehicle is moving.

Therefore, mechanical hardware might not get more and more sophisticated but will still matter a lot and needs to be accounted for to make sure software controls work out as intended.

Let me know what you think, I’d be happy to discuss further…

Say hello to the Silicon Valley Engineering Notes – SVEN!

Say hello to the Silicon Valley Engineering Notes – SVEN!

This is my new series in which I’d like to bring the new and the old together to drive ACES forward. I start off by laying out the foundations for how AV development, AI, etc. need to work together with traditional automotive engineering. I am sure we can all learn something here…

Everybody knows by now that the future of mobility is going to be autonomous, connected, electric, and shared: “ACES”. It is just taking longer than most expected and often we find challenges in between the new and the old. This new series will discuss, among other things, critical aspects at the intersection of autonomous technology and automotive engineering.

The insights will help to understand how a vehicle moves based on steering, braking, accelerator, which is the essential foundation for whatever software, AI, platform one wants to envision on top of it. This knowledge helps software engineers to develop their algorithms as much as it helps decisionmakers to gain an overall system’s perspective.

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